Published Papers

An Empirical Analysis of CFIUS: Examining Foreign Investment Regulation in the United States, Yale Journal of International Law, 39 Yale J. Int’l L. 131 (2014)

Working Papers

Better Not Call Saul: are Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Bad Negotiators? Exploring Settlement Values in Securities Class Action Cases with Computational Text Analysis, working paper, (advised by Professor Suresh Naidu)

A ‘New View’ of America’s Original Sin: Induced Innovation and Slavery in the Antebellum United States, working paper, (advised by Professor Joseph Stiglitz)


A Matt Levine Effect? (with William Fallon and Nick Foretek), a humorous essay on the difficulty of taking a good vacation, draft dated March 12, 2023

The Gift of the Banya: An Enlightening and Freeing Journey Through the Russian Bath, a review of Bryon MacWilliams’ memoir With Light Steam, New City (2015)

The Poetry of Boundaries, an essay on Vladimir Nabokov’s short stories, The Birch, a Columbia University journal for Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (2011)